Coffee with the Pastors

New to Restoration Church? We'd love to meet you and chat!

Let's Connect!

“Coffee With the Pastors” is an opportunity to meet with our pastors every 3rd Sunday of each month. This will take place in the Gathering Room located off of the main lobby immediately following our 10:30am service. (Usually around 12:15pm or so.) We will introduce ourselves and give a small overview of what Restoration Church is all about. We’ll also talk about whatever is on your mind. It may be about that day’s sermon, or you may have questions, comments, suggestions, ideas, needs, praises, concerns, whatever!

What’s the catch? Actually, there isn’t a catch. We aren’t going to sign you up to serve God overseas, or try to get you to become a member of Restoration Church. We simply want to hang out and chat. So grab some coffee (or whatever you prefer) and a cookie (or two, we don't mind) and join us!

Please fill out the form below if you'd like to be a part of our next "Coffee with the Pastors" event.  We want to be sure to have enough cookies!